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About Us

Matthew Hutcheson Muskoka Split Rock
Hello, My name is Matthew Hutcheson. I want to welcome you to our masonry service and supply company.

MUSKOKA SPLIT ROCK began business in 2003 and since that time we have continually expanded our service offerings to meet the needs of our clients. We have evolved into the ‘one stop Muskoka shop’ to get all your masonry and landscape needs fulfilled.

Our experience, our technical expertise and commitment to quality above all else has achieved for us a enviable reputation for quality design and workmanship! We are one of the few nationally accredited masonry service providers in our area.

Our network of service providers and affiliate companies are ready to offer you a timely and personal service experience based upon your individual needs and wishes. We are able, willing and qualified to handle even the most complex environmentally sensitive issues you have. Our equipment fleet is expanding each year offering us additional opportunities to serve you better.

Thank you for your interest in Muskoka Split Rock! It’s our pleasure to serve you!

Matt Hutcheson

muskoka split rock landscaping
Muskoka Split Rock masons are very experienced and seasoned masons. You are assured our unique designs and masonry workmanship is at a very high standard. Since 2003 Muskoka Split Rock has provided quality masonry, tile, rock and stone work for the residential and commercial exteriors and interiors of Muskoka.

Our committment to quality and our service integrity means ‘on time and on budget’ completion of your project. Fireplaces, chimneys, pillars, walls, and patios are some of the masonry projects we have completed for customers. River rock, split fieldstone, armour stone, building stone and flagstone lend their beauty to create many different design styles.

Our team lives and breaths to create one of a kind works of art. We stand back at the end of each work day and see history taking shape. Every masonry project is built not only with our hands but our hearts. With traditional stone masonry every stone is cut to fit the exact dimension needed. Corner stones and wall stone are then chiseled by hand to create the face of the stone. By doing this every stone in the project displays a unique texture and catches your eye with light and shadows. Block work and foundation’s are always built to specifications. Level, plumb and straight. Masonry block walls are jointed both sides. We use a transit rather than a laser level to ensure accuracy.

Restoring the past. Call us to discuss any chimney repairs, brickwork or stonework that’s in need of repair.

Our landscaping expertise includes design, planning and project management services to guarantee your project is installed in a professional and environmentally friendly manner. Our landscape services include, design work, permits and approvals, delivery and installation of all materials.

We specialize in environmentally friendly design work, waterfront projects, flagstone patios, stone walkways, natural rock gardens, stone stairways, retaining walls and water gardens. Visit our portfolio to view our landscaping designs and site photographs or visit our landscaping services section for more information.

For the do-it-yourself enthusiast we will work with you when you need assistance with your landscaping project.